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Our Work

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360 was founded out of a growing need for quick-response projects from Clients with those demands. Larger production companies don’t want production interruption and are not geared for stopping everything to accommodate these turnkey demands.
360 fills that niche and can either produce just one or execute the large run or rollout when full production is green-lighted.


Learn About our Team & Culture.

360 Creative Solutions Group is a progressive production company with its core competencies in execution in the graphics arts, expert retouching & illustration and overall project management. Coupled with the highest quality digital production available, 360 function as as an extension of its creative clients and partners, taking what cannot be done in-house and executing in it’s own facilities. By providing a turnkey solution to both end Clients and intermediaries, 360 delivers wherever the need is without competing for the project on the same level.

Our Mission

360 Creative Solutions Group’s mission is: to provide clients with a trusted resource that they can count on to deliver turnkey deliverables at a fair price. The founders/owners believe the key to building any successful entity is to maintain superior quality while at the same time delivering what is promised and have geared their company to this end.

Our Vision

Our vision is: to meet the needs of our Clients and achieve sustainable growth of our business while always maintaining close relationships. Our goal is to fill a need in the graphics industry for Clients that consider us their partner and exceed expectations while operating with integrity, respect and responsibility.

Our Philosophy

360’s philosophy is to position our company as the quality leader in quick-turn projects where we can provide in-depth knowledge and creative solutions at a fair price. Our experience in the industry gives us a comprehensive understanding of our Client’s needs. Our strong relationships place us as a trusted resource enabling us to execute and deliver on those needs.

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.

360 Creative Solutions Group; for those who think outside the box.


This industry we are all working in is our passion and so much more than just a means to earn a living.

By starting off with a small but solid base of clients, 360 is establishing itself as the go-to resource for one-off’s, small projects, project management and unique projects that do not fit conventional processes and workflows. If you’re one of these, we have a creative solution for you:

Large corporations with departments tasked to purchase in this market
Retail companies with multiple store locations
Manufacturers with clients requiring presentations
Individual entities that require self promotion or regional promotion
Advertising Agencies & Design Boutiques
Large Production companies who need to outsource

What we have to offer

Prototypes – all soft printable materials
Prototypes – all rigid printable materials up to 2.5” thick
Dimensional graphics and signage, diecut and expert finishing
Small run production jobs – depending on size, up to 500 – 5,000 units
Digital advertising solutions – in-store updateable data-base digital feeds
High-end Retouching services
Partial and Full Project Management Solutions
Client to Production Company Liaison / Brokerage
File Preparation
Project Management/
On-site Installation/Coordination
Production Runs & Rollouts

Why choose us?



Creative Solutions


Our commitment to you is to find the best solution for you. Sometimes that may mean a referral to a trusted partner, and we’re okay with that. We think that mostly you’ll find that we can deliver the right solution in the right timeframe at the right price. There used to be a mantra in the service industry: You can have price, turnaround or service —pick two. Well, with 360, price is competitive, turn-around is unparalleled and service is what we live by. If we take the job, you can trust and should expect to receive all three.


The 360 Strategy is to find the right solution according to job and situation while offering guidance, options and production. In many cases based on turnaround, the job will be awarded because we will guarantee delivery with the specified timeline at a quality level demanded in the prototype process that many production companies will struggle or refuse or simply cannot meet.

Creative Solution

Not every job is alike, in fact most are not. Yes projects fall into broad categories, products and services, but every project has its own unique twist, selling point or strategy that is being conveyed. We will take the baton from whichever point you want to pass it. That can be early in the project or late, but if we know what your goal is and we are involved at the right time in the process, we can seamlessly deliver like no other. Especially if you like to think outside the box!


We’re currently accepting new client projects. We look forward to serving you if you think outside the box.

By staying small and being a relationship driven, high quality, service-oriented company with a proven record of trust and delivery from the principals, 360 is poised to fill a growing need in an ever-changing environment. 360 never wants to get so big it has to turn away a customer with quick needs, nor does it want to enter the commodity driven business of large-scale production. With a price point that is competitive to any quality production company, there is now a solution available where everybody wins.

Contact Details


(678) 608-2678

3939 Royal Drive
Suite 208

Kennesaw, GA 30144