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Momentum, a leading experiential marketing agency, aimed to create an immersive and memorable experience for Walmart’s SpringGrillin Event. To achieve this, Momentum enlisted 360CSG to design and fabricate larger-than-life, sculptures that would captivate and engage customers.


  • Create a unique and engaging customer experience.
  • Develop durable, visually appealing promotional pieces.
  • Showcase Walmart’s commitment to quality and innovation.


To meet these objectives, 360CSG employed a multi-faceted approach combining advanced fabrication techniques, creative design, and meticulous post-processing.

360CSG Momentum Walmart SpringGrillin - Finished Cheeseburger, Ketchup and Mustard Bottles, Hotdog, On-site

Foam Cutting

To shape the colossal summer icons, including 4.5-foot tall ketchup and mustard bottles, a gigantic cheeseburger, and an enormous hot dog, we used our 5-axis foam wire-cutting machine, nicknamed Walter (don’t ask). This machine provided precise cuts, forming the basic shapes of the creations. We then used a flatbed router for fine-tuning, ensuring every curve and edge was perfect.

Smooth-On Coating

Durability and aesthetics were critical for these interactive sculptures. We covered the foam creations with Smooth-On coatings, which involved several rounds of spraying, sanding, and repainting. This process resulted in a strong, glossy finish that could withstand the rigors of customer interactions while maintaining a sleek appearance.

The Smooth-On coating was chosen for its superior durability and ability to create a seamless, polished finish. Each foam piece was sprayed with multiple layers of the coating, which was then sanded to perfection. This repetitive process of coating, sanding, and repainting ensured that the final product was both visually stunning and highly durable. The glossy finish not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also protected the pieces from wear and tear during customer interactions.


Painting these massive creations was no small feat. Multiple coats of vibrant paint were applied, with each layer carefully sanded and retouched. This ensured that the pieces were not only eye-catching but also durable enough to handle enthusiastic engagement from customers.
The painting process started with a base coat to provide a uniform surface for the vibrant colors that followed. Each layer of paint was meticulously applied to ensure even coverage and vibrant hues. After each coat, the surfaces were sanded to remove any imperfections, creating a smooth and glossy finish. The final layers of paint added depth and realism to the pieces, making them look almost lifelike.

3D Design and Printing

Designing the interactive pieces for the #SpringGrillin theme required a fusion of creativity and technology, inspired by Momentum and brought to life using Blender. Our designers meticulously planned and brainstormed to capture the essence of the theme, creating detailed 3D models of the icons.

The Splash soda bottles were particularly challenging due to their need for transparency. We used high-quality transparent PLA filament, known for its clarity and strength, to 3D print two 4.5-foot-tall bottles. This Bio-Plastic PLA material, made from renewable resources, is non-toxic and releases fewer VOCs and UFPs, making it safer and better for the environment.

3D Printing Process

To ensure the best results, we followed several critical steps in the printing process. We used thick layers, slower speeds, and higher temperatures within the filament’s recommended range to improve layer fusion and adhesion. Using 100% infill ensured solid prints, eliminating air gaps that could scatter light and reduce transparency. Post-processing involved meticulous sanding and polishing, achieving a glossy, glass-like finish that enhanced the bottles’ realistic appearance. For maximum clarity, we sanded and polished the bottles until they shone almost like glass. The final product was a set of captivating, translucent bottles that impressed customers and elevated the promotional display, making it stand out.


The result was a series of stunning, larger-than-life props that stood out in Walmart’s Spring Grillin’ promotion. The interactive pieces not only captivated customers but also demonstrated Walmart’s dedication to quality and innovation.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: The eye-catching and durable creations drew significant attention and interaction from customers.
  • Brand Visibility: The larger-than-life icons effectively promoted Walmart’s Spring Grillin’ theme, enhancing brand visibility.
  • Showcase of Expertise: The project highlighted 360CSG’s capabilities in advanced fabrication and creative design, reinforcing our position as a leader in custom promotional displays.

The promotion’s success was evident from the increased foot traffic and customer interactions at the Walmart locations where the pieces were displayed. Customers were not only drawn to the vibrant and oversized icons but also engaged with them, taking photos and sharing their experiences on social media. This organic buzz further amplified the promotion’s reach and impact.


The success of Walmart’s SpringGrillin event underscores the importance of combining creativity, technology, and meticulous craftsmanship in creating memorable customer experiences. Through precise foam cutting, durable coatings, vibrant painting, and innovative 3D printing, 360CSG delivered a project that exceeded expectations and set a new standard for promotional displays.

This case study illustrates how 360CSG’s expertise in custom fabrication brought Momentum’s vision to life, creating an unforgettable customer experience for Walmart. By leveraging advanced technology and creative design, we transformed imaginative ideas into tangible, interactive icons that left a lasting impression on customers.

The collaboration between Momentum and 360CSG proved to be a perfect synergy of creativity and technical prowess, resulting in a promotional display that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. As we look forward to future projects, this case study serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in custom fabrication.

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